Safety - Neurotraffic International Ltd - Automotive Technical Excellence

Neurotraffic in exclusive co-operation with Race Technology, is a Nottingham (UK) based company and provides reliable telematic solutions to reduce driver risk and cost for companies and individuals.

The state-of-the-art data logger technology forms the core element for our safety loggers to improve your fleet and driver performance. Uniting long-term experience in various automotive applications with scientific expertise in traffic psychology we are in the position to offer telematic equipment and services for every type of driver and fleet.
Customers using our systems typically benefit from

  • Safer driving
  • Less at-fault accidents
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Decreased speeding
  • Less wear & tear

We are also able to offer customised solutions for a wide range of road and safety applications, from loggers used for specific requirements, such as tough ambient conditions or research projects with sophisticated demands and field trials.