Our safety telematics suits fleet operators across several industries, from small to large fleets of vehicles, from short to long travel distances. Whether you strive to lower risk within your fleet or your drivers carry passengers or cargo, our solutions fit your needs perfectly.

Our specifically designed safety data loggers help deal with the major issue of risk exposure, but also support you to improve safety and at the same time the quality of customer service.

As a consequence, the safety of drivers, passengers, vehicles and goods is emphasised, not to mention that your reputational risk is lowered whilst operating costs and business efficiency is improved.

During a journey, operations staff are immediately and automatically notified of incidents via SMS or email. This exception-based monitoring makes safety-relevant actions and manoeuvres instantly visible and allows for proper interventions and training, if needed. Our reporting tools help to identify high-risk drivers and reveal specific areas of improvement.

In general, customers using our safety telematics typically save money from 4 domains:

  • 5-15% decrease of fuel consumption
  • 10-15% less wear and tear
  • 20-50% reduction of (at-fault) accidents
  • up to 70% decrease of accident-follow up costs

Moreover, safety logger users can expect 30-70% decrease of risky driving incidents.

Live data & vehicle location

All safety telematic devices feature a GPS antenna which will identify vehicle location at all times. This location is communicated via GSM network to the telematics servers and presented on the user portal using Google maps in Map, Earth and Street View formats. Whilst viewing a vehicle’s map location it is also possible to view live status of e.g. vehicle speed, braking or cornering manoeuvres.

Login and view the live or historical data from any PC, Mac, Smartphone or Tablet connected to the internet with no additional software required, providing instant access to the location and status of your entire fleet on one screen.

Automated alarms & crash detection

Early notification of any safety-relevant incident or accident offers fleet operators the opportunity to immediately check on the safety of drivers and seek immediate recourse. By receiving an automatically generated SMS and/or E-mail that drivers performed a critical manoeuvre or vehicles are involved in a collision, helps supervising persons to support and manage the potential follow-up actions instantly and efficiently.

When an impact event is detected, an SMS and/or email notification is automatically generated and sent to a pre-set list of recipients which contain information on the crash location and reason of notification.

Furthermore, by using our Analysis software package, it can help reconstruct accidents and provide evidence of a drivers and/or vehicles behaviour before and during an accident. Our powerful analysis software tool allows for detailed data analysis covering several safety-critical parameters such as speed, brake, steering and cornering forces of the vehicle. The information provided can prove vital data during an e.g. insurance claim or in front of court.