The Safety Logger 2 (SL2) is the solution to choose for if you want consistent and live control over your vehicles and drivers. Thus, you always know what´s going on as you have full live monitoring over the fleet data. Our secure cloud-based services allow you to lower risk, fuel and maintenance costs within your fleet. Recommended for small to large-sized fleets.

For a demonstration of the RT live web interface click here.

Ideal for companies with staff vehicles for commercial and private use, delivery services, Public Transport, emergency service providers as well as national & international transportation

The SL2 package includes the following features:

Live features:

  • GPS Location
  • Real time vehicle data
  • Customised automated alerts
  • Automated firmware updates

Documentation features:

  • Driving diary
  • Map and route illustration
  • Speeding indication on map
  • Vehicle registration
  • Driver identification (see separate page, link)
  • Driver account management
  • Safety Benchmarking
  • Critical event locations
  • Driving and idling times
  • Enhanced driving style analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Summary statistics
  • Scalable reports
  • Automated reporting
  • Data export function

Hardware features:

Our new Safety Logger 2 (SL2) logs directly to a secure cloud storage using a wireless mobile internet connection. Data logged by the unit can be accessed via internet, and all inputs to the device can also be monitored in real time over the internet using any web browser (including Microsoft, Apple and Android products), or using our PC software.



When a mobile data connection is not available the data is automatically buffered in the SL2´s internal memory and uploaded to the storage facility the next time a connection is available. All data is stored on the cloud as standard format Race Technology data (RUN) files which are compatible with all Race Technology’s software, including the comprehensive data analysis package. Alternatively, the raw data can be very easily converted to other formats including MS Excel. The cloud service is a commercial service provided by Amazon EC2, the data is held securely and fully backed up with redundancy.

The SL2 unit can be used for simple applications as a standalone unit, just requiring an external 12v power feed. The built-in inputs include:

Each SL2 unit is registered on the Neurotraffic website before first use. Either a single unit can be registered to an account, or a batch of units can be registered together for ease of management of a vehicle fleet.

  • 12V and 24V support
  • External GPS/GSM antennas
  • Standard accuracy 5Hz GPS
  • 3G/GPRS module
  • 3 axis accelerometer
  • 100 Hz sample rate
  • Optional ibutton reader
  • Optional CAN/OBD connectivity

The product is designed to be fit in any vehicle which supplies 12 to 24 volts and can be easily installed. However, if you would like your equipment fitted by a professional service provider, Neurotraffic can offer a fitting service for your fleet. Our qualified staff have fitted systems to many different types of vehicles from passenger vehicles to lorries and coach busses.

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