SAFETY LOGGER 3 – For Custom, Research and Advanced Applications

The CUSTOM and STUDY package is ideal for technical development and scientific research applications. Comprehensive and safety-relevant (live) data access and real-time calculations can be realised with our Safety Logger 3.

Feature-wise and technically based on our Safety Logger 2, the SL3 provides in addition more high precision and safety-relevant data logging, e.g. in real traffic circumstances with numerous possibilities of input sensors, 2 CAN ports, OBD connectivity, 100s of potential analogue and digital data channels with a sample rate up to 1000 Hz.

Whatever your application, we are positive to be in the position to offer equipment that can meet your requirements. However, to discuss custom systems and unique applications we would be delighted to hear from you. Please click on the "Contact" or “Call me back” link to get in touch.

For a demonstration of the RT live web interface click here.