User groups

We provide the proper telematic solution for different user needs, ranging from novice drivers to professional drivers.

One of the most targeted user group benefitting from our telematics solutions is the young & novice driver user group. With a range of feedback utilities that parents can make use of, novice drivers especially benefit from improved and less risky driving. Research shows that using telematics within the novice driver group is highly effective.

An increasing number of employers with both small and large fleets of vehicles are utilising our Safety Logger 2 (SL2) package to reduce risk and improve efficiencies amongst their drivers at the same time. Several studies have shown that the technology leads to reduced crash/accident rates among their fleet drivers, as employers are able to use and understand the data produced to alter their driving.

For bus and coach operators we offer a complete telematic safety package that allows for driver improvement and increased passenger safety and comfort. Furthermore, the SL2 package offers data which is successfully used as a basis for telematics-based driver training courses.