Our USPs (the things we do that others don't)

Psychological expertise and scientific background

Our safety telematics solutions are built upon psychological expertise and scientific background. Dr. Michael Gatscha, traffic psychologist and expert in the field of instrumented observation of driving behaviour, is responsible for translating scientific psychological knowledge, principles and algorithms into our safety telematics solutions.


Fleet customers benefit from being able to generate and use their own driving norms and benchmarks. We are the only safety telematics provider who is that flexible to offer you to group drivers and vehicles according to similar driving circumstances, e.g. local regions or types of drivers - so you don´t have to compare “apples and oranges”.


According to your requirements our data loggers can be connected with a whole range of Race Technology sensors, displays and interfaces. You benefit from top quality equipment which has been proven to durably work also in harsh conditions, from formula racing to industrial testing.

Powerful software package

We offer unrivalled software features, both off- and online. No matter if you want to take a quick glance about your whole fleet performance or wish to analyse a specific journey by the 10th of a second – we provide the right tools for you delivered with our telematic solutions as a package. For instance, our software features include automated notifications & alarms, speeding detections, a separate login for data only access for single drivers, automated reporting, live telemetry by the second, live telemetry to the PC, data download to our powerful Analysis software, data export to excel, etc.

Specialist applications

We are the only safety telematics provider who can customise our products or create custom solutions for just about any application, completely according to your requirements. We have substantial experience developing high technology automotive electronic solutions, high precision GPS and inertial systems, data loggers, CAN communications, instrumentation and data acquisition.