Driving schools

As a driving school owner you would like to know where your vehicles are during teaching and training drives, but also how your fleet is moved in traffic outside of training hours. Remember that your branded cars are perceived as a ´social business card´ in traffic - you don’t want risky or aggressive driving with your company branded vehicles.

New business areas

However, our safety telematic solutions not only provide better safety and business for your staff. For instance, by using the Safety Logger 2 (SL2) within your driving school vehicles, you are able to offer “telematic driving lessons” for your customers, thus broadening your service range.

By equipping our safety data loggers within your customers’ cars you can easily re-view the data online or face to face with your customers to provide your professional feedback how the driving was and what can be improved. This approach fits perfectly for all accompanied driving education schemes.

Expand your business by distributing our safety data loggers within company fleets and provide feedback for professional drivers so your clients can make profit of your knowledge based on objective and safety-relevant data.

Customised solutions to meet your needs

Our telematic solutions are specifically designed to aid driver training and are therefore expendable so you could easily add a display or make use of a handheld device in order to separately mark critical or pre-defined traffic situations you want to record.

Whatever your specific needs are, let us know!