Drivers are the most crucial safety and business factor

Establishing a safe work environment for drivers and improving fleet efficiency are cornerstones specifically for transport and distribution companies. In this field, drivers hold the main responsibility to ensure a safe goods transport.

More than 90 % of accidents are caused by human error. This fact is to be especially kept in mind and tackled within the transportation industry as even small driving errors can instantly lead to huge damages and high economic losses. By using our Safety Logger 2 package customers in the transportation & distribution branch particularly benefit from

  • Accident prevention
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Improved CO₂ footprint
  • Reduced wear & tear
  • Less vehicle downtime
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Better information base for targeted driver training

We understand how to address transportation industry’s needs for efficiency and safety. Our fleet safety telematic solutions target driver behaviour in order to identify unsafe actions and foster safe and responsible practices.

By using the Safety Logger 2 package, you are able to meet compliance standards more easy in order to lower insurance costs and quantify green initiatives. After implementation of safety telematics, you can expect significant improvements in driving behaviour within weeks!

Moreover, our safety telematic system is also specifically designed to provide meaningful driving data for further driver training. By identifying specific areas of improvement, driver training actions can be targeted more precisely leading to higher training efficiency and better training results.