Drivers are the most crucial safety and business factors

Establishing a safe work environment for drivers and improving fleet efficiency are cornerstones specifically for oil and gas transporting companies. In this specific field, drivers hold the main responsibility to ensure a safe dangerous goods transport. As human error is the main reason for more than 90 % of accidents, this fact is to be especially kept in mind and tackled within the oil & gas transportation industry as even small driving errors can instantly lead to huge damages and high economic losses.

We understand how to tackle the oil and gas industry’s needs for efficiency and safety. Our fleet safety telematic solution targets driver behaviour in order to identify unsafe actions and foster safe and responsible practices. This industry segment typically benefits from

  • Electronic hours of service reporting
  • Real-time driver behaviour monitoring
  • Driver identification & scoring
  • Unsafe driving actions such as speeding or harsh cornering or braking
  • Crash and roll-over notifications
  • Real-time incident notifications
  • Data basis for targeted driver training including defensive driver training

These are just some of the features offered by our telematic safety system. From experience, monitoring speeding and driving behaviour can lead to better safety, significantly fewer number of accidents & incidents and less driver/vehicle downtime.

Our safety solution allows oil and gas companies to meet compliance standards in order to lower insurance costs and quantify green initiatives. After implementation of safety telematics, you can expect significant improvements in driving behaviour within weeks!