As an operator in the taxi or rental vehicle branch, you always want to know where your vehicles are. But further, you would like to get reports how the vehicles have been moved. Smooth driving is not only one of the most important proxies of customer satisfaction, careful driving is also correlated with less vehicle and tyre wear, so the smoother the driving the more resources can be saved.

We understand the requirements of a leasing company and their customers, hence Neurotraffic has identified some key features of interest to the industry that our Safety Logger 2 package offers

  • Live tracking
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Less accidents & incidents
  • Less idling
  • Automated driver reports
  • Electronic driving diary
  • Vehicle and trip utilisation reports
  • Driver identification

Receiving a clear picture of vehicle locations, information on mileage and insight into how your vehicles are being driven enables taxi, rental and leasing operators to enhance their performance.

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