PROFESSIONAL Safety Logger 2 Options:

Driver identification

There are typically two ways for driver identification:

1.    One driver per vehicle
For fleets or companies, allocating a specific vehicle to a specific driver, specific identification is not required as drivers are always correlated with the used vehicle which is itself identified by eg. the number plate which you can enter in the account settings.

2.    Multiple drivers per vehicle/multiple vehicles
For applications where multiple drivers operate one or more vehicles, driver identification within the SL2 safety package is realised by the use of iButtons.

According to your requirements, the SL2 safety package comes with iButton reader cable and a sufficient number of ibuttons for driver identification. Our iButtons do not contain batteries, so there´s no need to charge or exchange.

What is an iButton?

The iButton® device is a computer chip enclosed in a 16mm thick stainless steel container and can travel with persons anywhere they go as it is small and portable enough to attach to a key fob, ring or other personal items. The iButton holds a unique code and thus can be used for identification purposes.

How does driver identification with iButton work?

By simply touching the iButton to the reader device installed in the car (eg. on the dashboard) a driver can log onto a vehicle and identify via code.

Can I use my own iButtons which I already have?

Yes, you can use your iButtons for driver identification within the SL 2 safety package as well.

Note: If you wish to use iButtons (also your own), please state when ordering, as in this case an iButton reader will be included.

CAN Communication

CAN reception (15 channel license):
With this option the unit can decode any CAN data from either the vehicles main CAN stream or CAN based aftermarket ECU. Up to 105 CAN receive channels per unit, in multiples of 15 (one licence gets you 15 channels). Messages loadable using .dbc files. Data rates of up to 1Mbit and 11 or 29 bit addressing.